A Few Words About The Deceased


twincest was a multimedia collaboration between two lovers, Jiz Lee and Syd Blakovich. They spent 4 years together documenting their interpersonal dynamics and intimacies through sound, movement, video, photography, body fluids, pain, aggression, meat, sex, and love. Founded in 2004, their art and performances not only strengthened their budding relationship, but also provided a playground for the more complex elements that manifests in love's shadows.

twincest will be constructing their funeral on the Queer X European art tour July 2009 and be hosting their final show November 2009.


My blood brother/sister,
Bonded by bloodpissshitcumspitpussweat-andassjuice, we share a body/canvas/culture for projections of disjunctured identities. With you, I expose and archive the physicalities of the sorid, you are my twin conjoined through the technological extentions of the body, a desire for the same...
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twincest is featured in Hyphen magazine (Winter 2007 : The Hybrid Issue).

twincest is listed in Top Ten for 2007!

twincest ... two maverick choreographers who push the creative envelop to include arts and crafts, performance art and body politics. They’re on hiatus right now, but they’re in our Top 10 because nobody captured the Zeitgeist of this year’s queer art-making quite the way they did.
Queer movement: 2007 Bay Area dance in review is featured in Edge San Francisco and Bay Area Reporter [Full article]

Femina Potens and Madison Young love twincest, in an interview of Madison Young by Open Source Chronicle author Violet Blue:

VB: Who are some of your favorite contemporary artists?

MY: Some of my favorites would have to be Annie Sprinkle, Amanda Coogan, Pipilotti Rist, and Rebecca Horn. Local artists that are probably my favorites right now are Twiz Rimer (who is creating some really powerful large-scale sculptural paintings that reflect the queer community), Tina Takemoto, twincest (twincest.net), Laura Splan, and Rebecca McBride.
Violet Blue: Open Source Sex in San Francisco Chronicle's SFGate.com August 21st, 2007
Madison Young: Bondage Model. Artist. Feminist
[full article]

twincest is invited to contribute to thoughts on dance criticism for IN DANCE (November 2007).

What do you Think About Dance Criticism? A Community Responds
"We’ve seen press from local print publications (SF Guardian, SF Chronicle) about our work, usually expressed as ‘extreme’ because we take a lot of risks. Since we’ve never fit into just one category (personally, culturally, and artistically), we benefit from exposure from different kinds of critics. That we’re often sexually explicit can be a revealing addition to work seen by critics entrenched in the SF dance scene, or that our work is ‘artsy’ is a pleasant surprise to the been-there-done-that sexperts. Taboo subjects like vampirism might be a new experience for ethnic dance writers, while new Asian American publications are fascinated the parallel of hapa identities and hybrid performance extremes.

Quotes like SF Weekly’s “brilliantly frightening” encourages risk-taking in our work, and so far we haven’t been arrested (only uninvited). The permission to be unconventional is freeing, yet it also creates a strange new confine; when the reviews add hype to our performance, we begin to feel compelled to do something extreme. It’s an ironic situation. In the end, we have decided to perform unannounced, even if in private. Our art will be our own."
- twincest, interviewed for IN DANCE (Nov 2007)
[full article]

twincest evolves sexual liberationist performance (that SF has nurtured from Isadora to the Cockettes to yours truly) to forge new contexts for genderqueer and trans visibility that defies expectation and cliché.
- NYC's Movement Research Performance Journal #31
Dance In San Francisco ... observations and attitudes by Keith Hennessy
Until MRPJ is caught up with their online archives, you may read the article as pdf copy. Just don't tell anyone.

A performance-art project that challenges the boundaries between performance and gender... twincest performances are controversial, challenging the norms of emotional safety and the traditional viewer/performer model.
- Bay Area Reporter

Transmen, gay men, the brilliantly frightening duo twincest, and Carol Queen will all contribute to the scheduled circle jerk. No, ha ha, it's not really a circle jerk. It's actually a serious discussion of masculinity, with a particular eye toward the new meanings and new realities of female-to-male transgendered adventurers.
- SF Weekly

Fleshbot loves twincest, as artists who get a little (or a lot) pornographic—and porn that gets a little (or a lot) artsy.
- Audacia Ray of Fleshbot

twincest 'explores the issue of race and sexuality in really confrontational ways' in APAture's Window on the Art of Asian Pacific Americans Festival.
- www.sfgate.com

twincest's Limerance hailed San Francisco Bay Guardian's "Top Ten" for Dance in 2005!
- www.sfbg.com

twincest featured in San Francisco Chronicle's 96 Hours Section for Fling.
- www.sfgate.com
Full article: Duos Do Art.

twincest, blurring the boundaries and audience comfort levels at Stream/Fest, CounterPulse.
- www.sfgate.com
Full article: Blurring the Boundries.

twincest is one of the next generation of artists "pushing the mainstream further."
Full article: Asian American Pacific Islander Artists Will Make You Feel Uncomfortable (And That's Good).

twincest, a 'must see' in Translations (June 9-11) at National Queer Arts Festival.
- Bay Area Reporter
Full article: Intersections of Genders and Sexualities.


"...a full fledged homosexual extreme performance artist with a taste for pain."
- a fan from FightLinker.com

"twincest evolves sexual liberationist performance (that SF has nurtured from Isadora to the Cockettes to yours truly) to forge new contexts for genderqueer and trans visibility that defies expectation and cliché."
- NYC's Movement Research Performance Journal #31
Dance In San Francisco ... observations and attitudes by Keith Hennessy

"brilliantly frightening"
- SF Weekly

"Their art is a peculiar mix of dance, naked performance, and celebration of the body and its fluids—and it kind of makes you feel like they are going to kidnap you, mess you up real good and blow your mind. We're happy to come along for the ride."
- AR, Fleshbot.com

"twincest's Limerance is daring, hot, rough, & unexpected."
-Keith Hennessy, Performance Artist

"Intense, beautiful, and disturbing."
-Patrick Simms, CounterPULSE Board Member

"...made me jump in my skin..."
-Amy Andre, M.A.in Sexuality Studies~ www.DearAmy.net

"twincest – a pair of lovers, performers, and multimedia artists who are not only are willing to put the audience’s comfort on the line, but their own as well. Their performances are raw, intense, and hot -- they wrestle half-naked, punching, kicking, spitting, and loving. In between the bouts of fighting, they stand still and stare at each other over a video background of them having sex; the silence only punctuated by their quietly hoarse breaths. In other incarnations, they shoot each other with paintball guns, thinly separated by cellophane and trembling audience members. They fight for their right to love each other -- plainly, evocatively, richly.
-Fling Currator Han Pham

"These artists are looking at sexual and gender taboos in a terrifyingly brave -- and brutally honest -- way."
-Lily Kharazzi, IN DANCE (June 2006)

"This sexy duo is unpredictable, pretty much blowing up any preconceived ideas about Asian dance."
-Joe Landini, Choreographer and Dance Critic

"The last thing I remember before I passed out was the image of the two of them taking shots of each others' blood. It was amazing."
-Kate (a.k.a. "the girl who fainted") Audience Member